& Reorganisation

… are unavoidable, necessary and essential events in the life of a company. It is important that employees understand and embrace them, despite the disruption that these situations can bring about.

It is our role to help companies build and then conduct the relevant strategies and vehicles to support employees during these professional stages.

The modern understanding of these situations requires a multidisciplinary combination of tools available to companies: the law, but also respect for the environment, combined with a concern for the psychological support of employees during these changes, in a dynamic and positive spirit.

The aim here is to transform a potential constraint into an opportunity.

Collective labour relations audit and strategy

Social policy efficiency and compliance audit

Structuring of the “Social Business Model” and of the wage policy

Social performance: Remuneration, employee profit-sharing plan and employee savings

Organisation of social governance

Supervision of loyalty and attractiveness programmes

Entry and exit of managers