Gaïa SANCHEZ was immersed in the world of corporate social relations at a very young age; this gives her practice a very special dimension, and she maintains an equally special relationship with her clients.

Perhaps this is where she gets her taste for untangling the most complex situations, legal or social in the broadest sense: she aims to make labour law clear and simple.

Like all LUSIS partners, she has a general practice in labour law.

She readily admits that she has a particular penchant for assisting companies that are looking for a new way of dealing with work:

  • At the level of social relations, with the anticipation of new collective labour relations, by inviting her clients to take part in the future of staff representatives, and by revisiting the relationship between Management and staff representative bodies,
  • By helping her clients integrate employees’ apprehension of the work-life relationship into the work group: work organisation, social networks, etc. …
  • And on a day-to-day basis, helping her clients to manage delicate individual and collective social situations, both in counselling and in litigation.
  • Management of collective labour relations: counselling, training and coaching activities focused on the functioning of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) and the chairmanship of staff representative bodies,
  • Social support for company transformation projects: activity transfer operations, restructuring projects, etc.
  • Support for newly created companies in setting up all tools necessary for effective management of their staff, and which suit them,
  • Social support for company transformation projects: from activity transfer operations to restructuring projects,
  • Preparation, organisation and assistance with collective negotiations, particularly with regard to the functioning and organisation of staff representative bodies, social assistance with restructuring operations, QWL,
  • Implementation of new collective tools such as the common training vector, used as a prerequisite for negotiations as well as for major restructuring projects,
  • Supporting companies in the management of their social conflicts: preparation, training, follow-up and management of conflicts
  • Individual disputes (Industrial Tribunal, Judicial Court)
  • Collective labour disputes: specific treatment of strike disputes, expert appraisals, the information and consultation process and company restructurings
  • Second year Master’s degree in Human Resources Development and Labour Law – Paris Panthéon Sorbonne University – Jean-Emmanuel RAY
  • Lecturer for the Bachelor’s degree under the responsibility of Professor Jean-Emmanuel Ray – University of Paris Panthéon Sorbonne
  • Member of the Labour Convention Committee (Assises du Social)
  • Producer of the “Social Vox” podcast
  • Anticiper l’absence temporaire d’un membre titulaire du CSE (“Anticipating the temporary absence of a permanent member of the Social and Economic Committee”) – (Semaine Sociale Lamy, no.1847, 4 February 2019)


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  • Spanish