Avocate Associée

Hélène SAÏD has been practising law for over 25 years in support of companies.

Hélène works in all areas of labour law.

She has developed significant expertise in assisting with restructuring projects and also has particular expertise in the management of “sensitive” labour relations, whether in collective or individual labour relations (and in particular the handling of moral harassment alerts and psycho-social risks), both in counselling and litigation.  

She proposes to integrate the projection and anticipation of the different hypotheses of risk realisation into the analysis of situations in order to:

Secure her clients’ decision-making,

Build a strategy adapted to their needs and objectives.

Endowed with human and relational qualities, and in particular a great ability to listen to the expectations and needs of companies in their organisational projects, she systematically takes into account in her counselling approach:

The client’s operational and business constraints,

As well as the social stakes of the project, in particular through a forward-looking approach to anticipate the reactions of the various players involved in the social dialogue or external stakeholders who may be involved in it.

Beyond the precise and rigorous mastery of labour law standards that she applies, she considers that social relations also depend on the interpersonal skills of the human resources departments which she coaches on a daily basis so as to enable them to adopt relevant and effective social communication methods.

Lastly, she is very attentive to the “client relationship” which allows her to work on a long-term basis with the companies she assists and to be truly committed to their projects or the resolution of their disputes.

And in particular:

  • Social support for company transformation projects: activity transfer operations, restructuring projects, Employment Protection Plans, company mergers
  • Supporting companies in managing their social conflicts: preparation, training, follow-up and management of conflicts
  • Support for collective bargaining in companies and professional sectors (counselling for professional organisations): mandatory or specific negotiations, restructuring operations in professional sectors
  • Support and counselling in the management of individual cases, in particular sensitive cases (harassment, discrimination, unpleasant working conditions)
  • Individual disputes and in particular high-risk litigation (harassment, invalidity of terminations, etc.)
  • Collective labour disputes: specific handling of disputes regarding the information and consultation process and company restructurings

Development and conduct of specific training in labour law on various topics, in particular:

  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Tools for restructuring the company
  • Dynamic and strategic understanding of the evolution of case law
  • National Bar Council (Conseil de l’ordre) – Professional Practice Department (June 1996 to December 1996)
  • GIDE LOYRETTE NOUEL law firm (January 1997 to December 1998)
  • FROMONT BRIENS law firm, Partner (January 1999 to December 2011)
  • Since 2012, Partner, co-founder of LUSIS Avocats
  • Les contours de l’obligation de reclassement en cas de licenciement économique, les nouveaux outils de restructuration, l’accord de performance collective. (“The outlines of the redeployment obligation in the event of economic layoffs, new restructuring tools, and collective performance agreements”)
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