Litigation & Social Crisis

A lawyer’s historic role, we help our clients to assess these conflict situations in line with the defined social strategy, while constantly ensuring that they are in line with the social climate and the employer brand that we carry with and for them on this occasion.

LUSIS sees a conflict as a means to an end: the observation of a disagreement also allows us to highlight, then, to value different opinions, and to potentially draw inspiration for a new solution.

The method, the different vehicles used to settle a conflict can create values and different ideas.

Managing a dispute – just like managing a social crisis – is also an opportunity to assertively defend and promote our clients’ values.

Collective labour relations audit and strategy

Social policy efficiency and compliance audit

Structuring of the “Social Business Model” and of the wage policy

Social performance: Remuneration, employee profit-sharing plan and employee savings

Organisation of social governance

Supervision of loyalty and attractiveness programmes

Entry and exit of managers