Adeline Larvaron has been assisting national and international companies and groups on a daily basis for over 20 years.

Like all LUSIS lawyers, she stands by her clients to help them deal with all of their labour law issues, both in terms of individual and collective labour relations, whether it be litigation, counselling or training.

She possesses a particularly sharp knowledge of the issues specific to certain sectors of activity, such as the pharmaceutical industry or digital service companies.

Her commitment to her clients ensures that they receive reliable assistance in the most complex situations.

Her mastery and experience of the most advanced legal tools make her the preferred contact for companies that have to prepare and conduct complex restructuring projects.

Her sharp legal eye and her pugnacity are decisive assets in the preparation and conduct of particularly technical negotiations, in particular in the areas of social protection plans, working hours and employee savings schemes.

She is a recognised expert in individual and collective labour law litigation, as well as in civil litigation relating to and occupational accidents and diseases.

Through her training activity for company players, she wishes to provide her counterparts with the necessary knowledge so as to allow them to break down legal matters, and thus to approach their positions with greater pragmatism and, ultimately, simplicity.

  • Resolving issues and assisting with negotiations on remuneration schemes, employee savings schemes and working hours
  • Resolving issues and providing support on matters related to the functioning of the Social and Economic Committee and social conflicts
  • Support for company transformation projects: transfer of activity, reorganisation projects including collective redundancies
  • Preparation, organisation and assistance with recurrent or specific collective labour consultations and negotiations, in general
  • Support in matters relating to the execution and termination of employment contracts, individual labour negotiations (internal and expatriate contracts), etc.
  • Resolving issues related to legislation on occupational risks (accidents and occupational diseases), working conditions (QWL, health and safety) and sensitive issues (discrimination, harassment)
  • Individual labour disputes
  • Collective labour disputes: operation of the Social and Economic Committee, information and consultation and company restructuring operations, etc.
  • Training for HR and Management teams
  • Joint training for Management and staff representative bodies
  • Associate lawyer at FROMONT BRIENS & ASSOCIES from 2002 to 2011
  • Partner, co-founder of LUSIS AVOCATS since 2012
  • Règles de conflit de juridictions et contrat de travail communautaire (“Rules governing conflicts of jurisdictions and community employment contracts”) (Lexbase)
  • Liberté d’expression du salarié et critique de l’entreprise : où sont les frontières ? (“The limits of employee freedom of expression and criticism of the company”)
  • English
  • German