Frédéric LECLERCQ began his professional career in the corporate world.

And it is precisely because he has stood in the shoes of those who are now his clients that his counselling is precise, timely and appropriate.

Like all LUSIS partners, Frédéric LECLERCQ has a general practice in labour law.

He has a strong interest in all issues regarding the functioning of Social Relations within companies.

He supports and assists his clients in all aspects of the functioning of the bodies and the social strategy involved in the implementation of their major projects.

He advocates for the projection and anticipation of issues related to social relations and the constant evolution of staff representative bodies; this leads him to develop tools to serve labour law, adapted to each of his clients.

He also defends the idea that innovation is very often at the heart of solutions, when it serves the interest of the project.

His practice can be summed up as follows: if no solution exists, then invent one.

  • Management of collective labour relations: counselling, training and coaching activities focused on the functioning of the Social and Economic Committee (CSE) and the chairmanship of staff representative bodies
  • Social support for company transformation projects: activity transfer operations, restructuring projects, etc.
  • Preparing, organising and assisting collective bargaining, particularly with regard to the functioning and organisation of staff representative bodies, social support for restructuring, QWL.
  • Implementation of new collective tools such as the common training vector, used as a prerequisite for negotiations as well as for major restructuring projects.
  • Assisting companies in managing their social conflicts: preparation, training, follow-up and management of conflicts.
  • Individual labour disputes,
  • Collective labour disputes: specific treatment of strike disputes, expert appraisals, information and consultation processes and company restructurings.

  • Development and conduct of specific training courses in labour law on various topics, in particular: Setting up and running of the Social and Economic Committee: for chairpersons and management teams, and joint training.
  • Tools for restructuring the company
  • Management of social conflicts at work
  • Dynamic & strategic understanding of the evolution of case law
  • AUTOMOBILES CITRÖEN: Human Resources Management at the head office in Neuilly and then at the SMAE plant in METZ – 1986 – 1989
  • NOUVELLES MESSAGERIES de la PRESSE Parisienne (NMPP – now PRESTALIS) : Human Resources Department – 1989 – 1992
  • SOCIETE GENERALE: Social Relations Department 1992 – 1995
  • FROMONT BRIENS law firm, Partner – June 1995 – December 2011
  • Since 2012 Partner, co-founder of LUSIS Avocats
  • Co-author of Le comité d’entreprise: mode d’emploi (“A guide to the works council”) (published by Liaisons Sociales in 2011)
  • Articles in specialist journals (Semaine sociale Lamy, Décideurs Stratégie Finance Droit, Le Monde du Droit).

Latest articles:

  • Appréhender la crise sanitaire, et la loi sur le CSE avec créativité et inventivité (“Dealing with the health crisis and the law on the Social and Economic Committee creatively and inventively”) (Décideurs 2021)
  • A la recherche de l’optimisation du fonctionnement du CSE (“In search of optimising the operation of the Social and Economic Committee”) (Semaine sociale LAMY 2019)
  • Les échéances importantes du CSE (“Important deadlines for the Social and Economic Committee”) (Décideurs 2018)
  • Considérer la négociation collective comme une opportunité (“Considering collective bargaining as an opportunity”) (Décideurs 2017)
  • L’accord comme un outil de simplification des consultations du CE (“Agreements as tools for simplified consultation of the works council“) (Décideurs 2016)
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